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Fante's Coffee |

2501 Grinstead Drive, Louisville, KY 40206

Fante's Coffee is a neighborhood coffeehouse located in the heart of Louisville, KY.  Our mission is to provide customers with an exceptional coffee house experience.


We believe the best experience starts with the coffee itself.  Our beans are lovingly hand picked from the finest growing regions around the world.  The attention to where our beans are sourced and prepared add a irreplaceable dynamic to the experience we strive to create.


However, we know that great coffee alone does not make a great coffee house. We provide a coffeehouse that serves as a socially responsible neighborhood landmark in the Highlands.  Where work gets done, people connect and ideas are shared.  Our parkside open space concept is the backdrop to any part of your day, and we know you will enjoy the experience.

Fante's +                       | Coffee + Liqueur Recipes

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